28 June 2016

The Bluerock Book

Bluerock was established in 2000 as an importer of quality food products to both the retail and food service channels in New Zealand and has become established as a strong alternative to other well-known importers.

Today, Bluerock is part of the Sulkem Group of companies. The Sulkem Group is a 100% New Zealand owned, family business established in 1956 with a long history of food and ingredients importing.

Working directly with a global network of suppliers, Bluerock represent a wide range of brands sourced directly from suppliers around the globe, as well as owning and marketing Food Snob, a Bluerock propriety brand. The Bluerock brands are widely distributed to supermarkets, specialty stores, food service and manufactures nationwide. Bluerock head office is located in Auckland with both a chilled and ambient warehouse facility.

At Bluerock, we pride ourselves on sourcing and distributing quality food brands and we place a strong emphasis on quality, value, consistency of supply and service to our customers.

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8 December 2015

The Cheese Book

According to ancient records passed down through the centuries, the making of cheese dates back more than 4,000 years. No one really knows who made the first cheese, but what we do know is that cheese is one of life’s great food pleasures.

As cheese making flourished in Europe and became an established food, so the more than 400 varieties of cheese now produced around the world offer us an interesting, delightful and expansive selection of cheese varieties.

At Bluerock, we are proud to offer a wide range of quality cheese from both New Zealand and around the world. Their characters, flavours and uniqueness created by difference in milk source (both area and animal), fermentation and ripening conditions, as well as size and shape, with many still produced in the communities where they originated; Gouda and Edam from the Netherlands, Cheddar from England, Emmentaler and Gruyère from Switzerland, Parmesan from Italy, and Feta from Greece and Bulgaria to name a few.

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3 November 2015

Meet the NEW Food Snob Bell Peppers

One of life’s great delights is fabulous food, so when it comes to eating and entertaining, we say a bit of unpretentious snobbishness doesn’t go astray!

That’s why Food Snob’s premium range of cheeses and antipasto additions are so wonderful – and now, another cheeky wee number has been added to the family!

Meet the NEW Food Snob Bell Peppers – deliciously crisp morsels filled with smooth cream cheese for the perfect combination of crunchy, creamy, spicy and sweet.

These piquant treasures are harvested in South Africa, then hand-filled with soft cream cheese to diffuse the gentle heat of the peppers. They’re perfectly placed on a well-crafted cheese board, but also go beautifully tossed into summer salads, grilled on BBQ vegetable skewers or atop bruschetta. Then again, you could also just eat them straight from the pottle!

So if you have a passion for good food, love entertaining or believe – like us – that good taste is everything, look out for Food Snob Bell Peppers filled with Cream Cheese in the deli section of supermarkets nationwide, RRP $5.59.



3 October 2015

Moondarra launch Honey & Pistachio in NZ!

A new flavoured Honey & Pistachio Cream Cheese from Moondarra brings a unique and delicious addition to the Moondarra range over the summer entertaining period.

Moondarra Honey & Pistachio is a smooth cream cheese blended with honey & rolled in ground pistachio nuts; quite simply, it’s the freshest ingredients combined with a unique method of processing that makes Moondarra the best flavoured cream cheese you’ll ever taste.

Moondarra is a lush pastoral region of Gippsland – Australia, renowned for the quality and variety of its dairy products. And like the namesake, Moondarra Cheese is also widely acclaimed for their high quality, innovative and unique range of flavoured cheese. All products are vacuum sealed to maintain freshness and feature clever, easy peel packaging.

Tasting Notes

This deliciously unique Honey and Pistachio flavour variant goes perfectly on a toasted bagel, is great for use in baking or as an easy and delicious alternative to icing or jam, and is fabulous on a cheese board paired with dried fruit, assorted crackers, crostini and pistachio nuts.

With its creamy texture and naturally sweet taste, Moondarra Honey & Pistachio Cream Cheese also pairs well with a variety of summer ales and white wine.

Look for Moondarra Honey & Pistachio Cream Cheese in the Deli section of supermarkets nationwide.


23 June 2015

Food Snob launches two new products!

Food Snob Preserved Lemons & Food Snob Havarti have just hit PAK n SAVE & New World Supermarkets!


Food Snob Preserved Lemons: 

Add a boost of flavour to all kinds of dishes – they’re often used in Moroccan and other North African cuisines, as their cultures have a tradition of preserving lemons to obtain a citrus hit even when the fruit is out of season.

Preserved lemons add a zing to tapenades, a refreshing flavour to couscous, lentil or quinoa salads. The liquid from the jar can also be used in dressings to transform a yoghurt or mayonnaise.

Often a recipe will only require a half or even a quarter of a preserved lemon to make the dish its own. Try using a quarter or a half of a preserved lemon in a dish where you might have used lemon juice or zest and see what new flavours you get. Used sparingly, they impart a sophisticated lemon undertone. The flavour is mildly tart but intensely lemony.

Serving Suggestions:

  • Finely chopped, add preserved lemons to a tomato and coriander salsa to accompany fish.
  • Serve preserved lemons with a slice of rustic bread with some soft goat cheese and thinly sliced onion
  • Add a dressing of extra virgin olive oil and finely chopped preserved lemon peel to cooked, warmed lentils or beans along with plenty of watercress or rocket. Serve with crumbled feta or as an accompaniment for grilled lamb leg steaks.
  • Make a flavoured butter by adding finely chopped preserved lemon, garlic and chives to softened butter. Spread under a chicken skin before roasting or serve atop a piece of fried fish.
  • Finish a seafood risotto with finely chopped preserved lemon.
  • Add slivers of preserved lemons to vegetables before roasting.
  • Add slivers of preserved lemons to blanch and sauté silverbeet, broccoli or cauliflower in olive oil with garlic then add slivers of preserved lemon and some pitted olives.
  • Make a tagine of lamb or chicken by browning the meat then adding chopped onions, garlic, slivers of preserved lemons, cumin seeds, a few chopped tomatoes, fresh coriander and a little stock or water.

Food Snob Danish Havarti Cheese: 

Food Snob Havarti is a premium quality, authentic Danish cheese.  It is a semi-soft cheese with a creamy buttery flavour.

It is well suited on the cheese board, served with crusty bread or savoury crackers. It is an excellent table cheese, and is great on sandwiches and salads.

It is a great melting cheese for fondues or on toasted sandwiches and paninis.

Havarti goes really well with just about any wine, and for beer drinkers, Havarti Cheese is nicely complimented with a Pilsner or Stout.

18 June 2015

Food Snob at the EGGS Scriptor Series

Food Snob is a proud supporter of the EGGS Scriptor Series. EGGS stands for Epsom Girls Grammar School (in Auckland), an all girls high school that is running a series of events for parents of the girls as well as old girls of the school to come along and listen to authors talk about their newly released books.

Patricia Grace talked about her new book ‘Chappy’ last night and guests were welcomed with Food Snob platters including a delicious selection of our antipasto pottles and cheeses. The sampling was very well received and there was great feedback on the Food Snob products all around.

Check out a couple of photos from the evening below!

Scripter 3 Patricia Grace 034 (Medium)Scripter 3 Patricia Grace 063 (Medium)Scripter 3 Patricia Grace 098 (Medium) Scripter 3 Patricia Grace 094 (Medium)

22 May 2015

Visit us at the Auckland Food Show

Save the date! The Auckland Food Show is fast approaching and tickets for the show are on sale now! The show runs for four days and begins on Thursday 30th July, finishing on Sunday 2nd August.

Bluerock has three brand partners at this years show as well as our own Food Snob brand.

Visit the stands for great product specials, your chance to win goodies as well as cooking demonstrations from the Food Snob chef, Danielle. Cooking demonstrations will take place each day at stand K14 beginning at 11:30am and 2:30pm.

You’ll find us and our fabulous brand partners at the locations listed below:

Food Snob – K14

Blue River – J13

Moondarra – K14A

Bertocchi – J15


13 May 2015

Food Snob joins Facebook!

Food Snob has just launched a new Facebook page and would love for you to pay them a visit!  Follow the page for delicious recipes, competitions, goodies, giveaways and more. There will be plenty of inside scoop on new products as well as plenty of fun Food Snob facts and general foodie chit chat.


food snob facebook page

Check out the page at

23 March 2015

Blue River adds a new dimension to the sheep industry



blueriver article


To read full article, click on the image above.

30 January 2015

New Product Update: The Food Snob Danish Creamy Blue!

The new Food Snob Danish Creamy Blue is a blue veined cheese with a semi soft, creamy texture characterised by a sharp, salty taste.  The extra creaminess comes from a higher milk fat content in the cheese to most standard blue cheeses.

It is a wonderfully versatile cheese; either served crumbled on salads, a dessert cheese with fruit or as is traditional in Denmark, served with beautiful breads or savoury crackers.

foodsnob danish creamy blueblue cheese lifestyle